Talent Insight

Providing insight and analysis as the events industry’s strategic talent partner.

tfconnect’s strategic client relationships are leading to the development of a range of services beyond the sourcing of talent for those businesses.

As a result, tfconnect is developing a wealth of insight to help event organisers, venues and the industry at large to not only improve talent hiring but also to assist in the development and training of people and teams.

These ‘insights’ will include:

  • How to present internal value for the careers of those individuals who are great sales people and want to stay in sales without being ‘promoted’ to Event Director!
  • Establishing whether it is more effective to have event teams responsible for hiring their own teams or whether a dedicated recruitment team is best.
  • Looking at salary comparisons around the world to help global companies in rewarding their teams.
  • Looking at standardising and benchmarking in areas such as global industry job titles, employee surveys, psychometric testing, marrying traditional and digital teams and more!
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