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Breakfast with champions: Spend a March morning discovering amazing speakers


This could be the most inspiring breakfast you’ve ever had – and it has nothing to do with the quality of the croissants. It’s not an easy job finding top-flight speaker content that can really captivate an audience and leave them feeling transformed. However, tfconnect have recently learned that no less than four such speakers will be […]

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 tfconnect’s Christmas Party at the Olympic Park


Thanks to the superb hospitality of Peter Tudor, Director of Visitor Services, and his team at the London Legacy Development Corporation, tfconnect held its belated ‘Christmas do’ at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the January sunshine. We invited clients for a day of fun, education and a thorough test of their g-force tolerance on the world’s […]

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‘tfconnect Data Insights’ partnership announced


Turning data into actionable business strategy New brand, tfconnect Data Insights, sees tfconnect MD, Trevor Foley renewing a working relationship with data expert Gary Selby of ‘Insight Stream’ – the pair worked together nearly 20 years ago in the data sector. Gary Selby spoke at the UFI / tfconnect Global CEO Summit last year which sparked a great deal of interest […]