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‘tfconnect Data Insights’ partnership announced


Turning data into actionable business strategy New brand, tfconnect Data Insights, sees tfconnect MD, Trevor Foley renewing a working relationship with data expert Gary Selby of ‘Insight Stream’ – the pair worked together nearly 20 years ago in the data sector. Gary Selby spoke at the UFI / tfconnect Global CEO Summit last year which sparked a great deal of interest […]

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Traditional vs Advocate Marketing


Event marketers aren’t seeing the results they’d like from their social media efforts, according to a recent article from our friends at InGo. While social is one of the fastest growing items on our budgets, as low as 21% of event marketers would describe their social strategy as ‘effective’ – and the perceived ROI of […]

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How to use “Advocate Marketing” to multiply your visitors via social networks

InGo Social Media Markteting

We organisers like visitors to do two things once they’ve registered for our events – spread the word, and then show up on the day! Having recently partnered with social marketing software provider, InGo – we’ve been learning about how the social reach of our own attendees can be used to generate more, better quality registrations […]